News Limited wins award for Most Accurately Named Business of the Year

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News Limited has won the award for the Most Accurately Named Business of the Year.

The company won the prestigious prize at the annual Australian Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards at a ceremony in Sydney last night.

In presenting the award the judging panel said News Limited was brilliantly named because the company produced a very small amount of actual real news.

“Their name reflects their level of commitment to providing accurate and unbiased reporting, that is to say, very limited,” said Eva James, a member of the judging panel.

“The business couldn’t be better named unless it was known as Very Limited News, or No Actual News At All. So for that reason, we had to give them the award,” James said.

Kim Williams, the outgoing News Limited CEO,  collected the award. In his acceptance speech he told of the trouble the company had trying to come up with a name in its early days.

“Initially we thought “Conservative Rumourmill Press” was a good option. We tossed around “The Fear Mongering Dog-Whistler” for a while.” Williams said.

“Finally we settled on ‘News Limited’. It is succinct, simple and true to our company’s mission of providing blatantly partisan commentary, rumour, and fabrication to an unwitting public.”

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