Newspoll Support Plummets in Poll of Opinion Poll Readers

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Neilsen poll has cemented its three point advantage as the nation’s preferred political poll according to a new poll of opinion poll readers.

The poll shows that overall approval rating was up for both Neilsen and Galaxy polls, at 55% and 52% respectively, while Newspoll poll dropped to 45%. Morgan Polling had an overall approval rating of 35%.

In the two-poll-preferred poll Neilsen led Newspoll 54% to 46%. Neilsen recently released its latest poll in the lead up to the federal election, seemingly resulting in a boost to its own polling numbers.

The new poll shows that Newspoll has failed to arrest the slide in its popularity. Newspoll’s two-poll-preferred position has dropped 10 percentage points over the last two months, well outside the margin of error. The falling support comes at a critical time leading into the federal election.

The poll showed that current Newspoll chief executive Martin O’Shannessy is trailing his deputy David Bruce 30% to 60% as the nation’s preferred Newspoll leader. The result raises doubts about Newspoll’s ability to become Australia’s preferred political poll under the current leadership arrangement.

Martin O’Shannessy dismissed the poll of polls result as ‘irrelevant’ and says he will stay on as CEO of Newspoll.

“There is only one poll that matters and that is on September the 7th. The Australian people will vote on which opinion poll they believe is most accurate come election day.” he told reporters.

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