Clive Palmer to build a replica of Parliament House

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Clive Palmer has announced that he will construct a replica of Parliament House if he is not elected as a Member of Parliament.

The replica, to be named “Palmerment House”, will be built alongside Palmer’s existing dinosaur collection at his Coolum resort.

“I won’t let not being elected get in the way of me being a Member of Parliament. It’s a CIA-AEC conspiracy,” Palmer told reporters.

Palmerment House would be approximately a third of the size of the real Parliament House, but twice as productive, Palmer said.

Palmer said his Palmer United Party would form government in the new Palmerment and focus on repealing a replica of the carbon tax as many times as he wanted.

Palmer promised that Palmerment House would be far more impressive than the original, despite its size.

“They might have Phillip Ruddock down in Canberra, but we’ve got more than ten dinosaurs on display up here” he said.

Palmer is currently leading by just a few votes in the electorate of Fairfax with 1000 postal votes still to be counted. Pundits say if Palmer really wanted to gain control of Fairfax so much he should have followed Gina Rhineheart’s example and simply bought a majority share.


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