Nine announces ‘The Voice’ spin-off called ‘The Look’

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Nine has unveiled its new talent search series, ‘The Look’.

A spin-off of the ratings juggernaut ‘The Voice’ , the new series will feature the same celebrity judges with a revolutionary new twist.

The signature spinning chairs will be replaced by noise cancelling ear muffs. Contestants will audition in full view of the judges. Only after a judge has pressed their button to claim a contestant and the earmuffs have been removed will they have any idea of contenstant’s vocal talent.

Celebrity judge Seal said he was looking forward to the challenges of the new series.

“In the last series we thought people could sing and then we saw them and realised they’d never go anywhere.” Seal said.

“This series is the opposite. It’s exciting.”

An industry insiders believe Seal will be an ideal coach on the series because ‘he has been relying on looks for a long time.”

The Voice has been a break-out hit for Channel Nine which is hoping to capitalise on its success by launching the new series.

Channel Nine said it was excited about further opportunities for further talent quests using the familiar format, and had taken out options on ‘The Feel’, ‘The Smell’ and ‘The Vibe’.

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