Sharks to begin human cull off the Western Australian coast

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Australia’s sharks are planning to begin culling humans off the Western Australian coast.

The cull, slated to occur in areas where human attacks on sharks have been the most frequent, is aimed at protecting sharks in some of their favourite habitats.

Sharks say the cull is in response to an increase in the number of human attacks in recent days. In the most recent attack a shark was caught on a bait line and then shot in the head four times by a pack of humans.

“Too many sharks have been killed enjoying the beautiful coastline we have here in W.A” said high profile shark Bruce.

“We believe sharks should be able swim here without fear of being brutally attacked,” Bruce said.

Humans over 1.5 metres who enter designated ‘kill zones’ along the Western Australian coast will be targeted by professional great white sharks in a trial to begin in the next few days.

Human scientists have predicted that 73 million sharks are killed each year in violent human attacks. Sharks are then used in soup or deep fried in batter; a fact which has caused outrage in the close knit shark community.

“I don’t want my 17 kids growing up to be part of a $15 fisherman’s basket special” spokesshark Bruce said.

In related news, shark nutritionists have reclassified humans as a junk food due to an increase in their average fat content. Humans have been moved to the top of the healthy eating pyramid and it is now advised that sharks eat humans ‘in small amounts’ only.

  • Sharks-are-friends-not-fish

    Although very funny, this is actually quite a compelling argument for stopping the cull.

  • caroline

    Good on the sharks. You tell them Bruce

  • Greg

    You know, regardless of how funny this may seem. How about the writer have a close family brutally murdered infront of a mate until he’s bleeding furiously from his mouth due loss of limbs on the lower half of his body only to be dragged underneath the water once again from said humans arms by a pointlessly aggressive animal….

    • bruce

      small minded morons such as yourself are top of bruce’s list i’m sure. we dont have gills and are therefore a ‘guest’ in the water.

      • GGregregGreg

        How big you and 15 others must feel right now….funny considering my actual name is bruce

    • Jay

      Um how about you come and talk to the attack victims or their families at the protest?

    • Jason Green

      Supply a (credible) link to an attack victim or family of, that thinks this cull is a sterling idea…. No…. Hmmmmm….

    • Mary Delaney

      Pointlessly agressive animal? The only pointlessly agressive animal on this planet is humans. Why dont you go and do some research on shark behaviour and then go somewhere isolated and try and survive without your mod cons. may give u some empathy for these misunderstood animals.

    • alicemod

      That person took a risk going into the water, everyone knows that.
      While it’s a tragedy that it happened, it is a risk that everyone takes when going into the water.

    • Elou

      Although it’s very sad that people lose their families in these accidents, if you actually ask surviving victims or families of victims, the majority actually say in interviews that they DON’T want the shark to be hunted and killed (because it’s pointless – do they think hunting the shark that attacked will teach the others a lesson?)
      They are terrible accidents due to humans invading shark territory. I’m not saying humans shouldn’t ever swim in the ocean, I’m just saying that people need to take responsibility and admit that they know the risks but simply chose to swim anyway. The sharks aren’t wrong for doing what their instincts tell them to do when humans intrude.

      • bigben

        Therefore humans are not wrong to kill an animal that can potentially kill them

        • derp

          You’re an animal and you could potentially kill me. By your theory it’s perfectly acceptable for me to kill you. Thanks bigben

          • bigben


  • DS

    Whoever wrote this is sick and incensitive to the impact these deaths have caused. Why is it ok to kill all fish and eat all fish apart from a couple of species? 100 x more sharks will be killed through by-fishing of tuna that protection of a zobe 1km from our beaches. Time out of towners but out and go to Queensland. Grow up and find a real issue. It’s not funny or original. Lame

    • Silly people

      I think you’ll find a lot of people like marine biologists are against killing most fish as well because of the problems it causes with our ecosystem.

  • Jessica

    Most of the comments are typical of humans, think they are more important than an animal. You go in the water you take your chances, in my opinion. From all the shark culling we are upsetting the balance in our Eco system in the oceans, ultimately both humans and animals will suffer from it in the future. All because we have some god complex. Yes I could imagine it would be upsetting to know of someone who got attacked by a shark, however if you don’t want to get attacked don’t go in the water. They were here millions of years before us, all animals should be respected just as SOME humans show respect for each other. We will be the cause of our own demise. Good article I hope it makes the right people take notice and stop the shark cull.

    • Matt

      Dearest Jessica, unless of course you are a vegetarian, may I ask have you ever eaten any meat? I assume you like many others have and in just saying that, you have made yourself out as a hypocrite. If you are a Christian, you would know that even Jesus spoke about how human life is sacred and more valuable than the lives of animals. I would like to ask you how the eco system is unbalanced? And what research have you been presented that confirms this? Humans have recreationally used the ocean for many years. Should every one just quit their passion whether it be surfing, diving, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking or surf life saving just so the lives of a few LARGE sharks can keep their lives? Over east they have employed the same tactics for the past 60 years. And shark attack numbers have decreased. I’m not sure whether you value the lives of sharks in WA more than the ones over east OR you value the lives of humans in WA less than the lives over east.

      • Dan

        Dearest Matt, firstly, using jesus to argue your point was truly ridiculous. secondly, If i had the time, I would link you thousands of scientific studies that show that almost every single ecosystem on this planet is out of balance due to human activities, including oceans. If you are so knowledgeable on ocean ecosystems you would be aware that sharks are known as a keystone species due to their position as an apex predator on the food chain. removing a keystone species causes problems to every other species. A few large sharks? you are kidding me.. humans kill 11,000 sharks every. single. hour. Yes the ocean is an integral part of australian culture but we don’t own it, we enter the oceans knowing that sharks exist. we enter the oceans at our own risk. humans are 1 species on this planet and it is absurd that 1 species be responsible for the demise of every single other species.

        • bigben

          Bahahaha at this, Fish are friends not Food!. Bulls**t humans are at the top the food chain due to evolution we are smarter then other species be thankful you was born human. We have used and eaten and gamed animals for many many years. What’s gives you the right to say that is Wrong? Ecosystems, these systems have evolved over generation after generation and will continue to evolve as every organism in the world has the need to survive. If you think you can control the world then you suggesting that you can in fact play “god”……..good luck with that

          • JA

            bigben you seem confused. “Fish are friends not food” this is exactly the point… we are not using these culled sharks for food, research or any other means, we are shooting them in the face several times and dumping them. “we are smarter then(than) other species” Humans have been on the planet for roughly ten seconds in the scheme of things, and we are 2/3ds through wiping out not only
            ourselves, but everything else on this planet. Other creatures have successfully lived for millions of years… they would laugh at our ‘smartness’.

          • bigben

            Like to see a shark engineer a rocket and travel away from this planet
            Develop medicine, and have the ability to diagnose other species illnesses and cure them illnesses

            YES WE ARE a smarter species

            we evolve to out habitats to say humans are in the sharks ecosystem is observed the reason human skin wrinkles is to provide grip in water so yeah we are supposed to be there if we hunt for game or food what difference does it make to your life

            Sharks are the reason I hate getting in the ocean I would rather see every single one of them in a can of tuna then creeping up behind me

            This also goes for snakes, spiders, jelly fish, cone fish and end other stupid animal animal that feel the need to attach humans

          • bigben

            N the Fish are friends not food was a quote from neo that I found amusing to put in there seamed relivent, n thanks for pointing out my dyslexia much appreciated

          • CECIL

            Don’t be angry one day evolution will give you your thumbs. Until then let the people who know what they are talking about make the decisions, ok? Thanks.

            “what difference does it make to your life?” – because if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, then we ALL die. GET IT?!?

          • Louise

            ‘Every ecosystem evolves’ what about all the extinct animals that never coming back? Did they adapt to our actions?

          • bigben

            And what about the animals that don’t yet Exist? Dinosaurs wasn’t killed by humans did their extinction effect the way the world works …… what makes every one on here such an expert as to what will happen if sharks didn’t Exist? What would change in the World?

      • kat

        Dear matt,
        you are a tool. that is all

      • Heath

        Matt, I’m positive I value your life a lot less than I do sharks.

        • bigben

          How can you suggest you would rather the extinction of your own species then that of a shark …..
          If you and Matt was the last humans alive due to shark attacks I think the story would be written a Lil different

          • ur retarded

            where the fuck did extinction come into this u retard

          • Teej

            Yeah bigben, because shark attacks will lead to the extinction of the human species unless we employ culling programs like this…
            Car accidents and people eating themselves stupid would do the job far sooner of course.

      • Jason Green

        Dearest Matt – roll Jesus up in a ball and use him as a suppository – come back to the discussion when you have something useful to say that isn’t based on 2000 year old fairy tales written by goat herders who didn’t even know sharks existed.

        • Jess

          / yes! HAHA

        • Peachy

          BAHAHAHA ^^^^ loving the responses

        • EAD

          While yeah there’s no reason to bring Christianity up here, you don’t have to be so disrespectful. Jesus may be a fairy tale to you but to many renowned scholars ad historians he’s not.

          • Jason Green

            Yeah I contend they are wrong and I will cite you just as many renowned scholars / historians who agree with me. I also contend that the ridiculousness of Matts little Gish-gallop is totally deserving of derision….. Sometimes you just gotta call it as you see it.

      • Mark

        I’m pretty sure by bringing up philosophies of the imaginary son of the Creator of the entire universe you have just identified yourself as a major cretin. Life is about choices, if you don’t want to die in a plane crash you don’t fly in a plane. Those who regularly use the ocean for their pleasure understand this and accept that someday we may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, much the same as when we decide to drive in our cars. If you don’t want to get eaten by a shark, don’t go in the ocean.

        • EAD

          No serious historian or scholar denies the existence of Jesus. There are even letters written by people like Tiberius Caesar that mention him.

          • Patrick

            Yes, but the reason people listen to Jesus is because of his “authority”, which is that he is apparently the son of god (god isn’t real, just FYI). If we strip this authority from him, he’s just a magician with a philosophy filled with dodgy logic and flawed premises.

      • bigben

        Matt as much as I somewhat agree with you future reference don’t use religion as an argument other then that good effort vegetarians always think they know best hahaha

        We know they know nothing

      • Massfish

        Firstly, Matt, are you serious? if you are, get with the programme, 2,000 years ago they fed people like you to the lions..! Anyhow, back to we are in the 21st century, where 99% of the worlds population is disgusted at the irrational destruction of WILD animals of any species; we are up in arms over the Japanese killing whales and dolphins, and then Barnett (AKA Mullett mouth) and his troglodytes do this..what a bloody joke! Mass

      • massfish

        Firstly, Matt, are you serious? if you are, get with the programme,
        2,000 years ago they fed people like you to the lions..! Anyhow, back to we are in the 21st century, where 99% of the worlds
        population is disgusted at the irrational destruction of WILD animals of
        any species; we are up in arms over the Japanese killing whales and
        dolphins, and then Barnett (AKA Mullett mouth) and his troglodytes do
        this..what a bloody joke! Mass

      • stephanie

        people can do there recreational whatever as long as they know the risks of a shark attack … why don’t we go and kill humans that kill people because that’s what your doing to the sharks … and im sure it the eyes of Christians Jesus may think our lives are more important than animals ( pretty sure if he was living today he would say otherwise ) also im sure he wouldn’t want people killing animals for FUN. .. oh we also have an extreme increase of the human population and they are destroying the habitat and the other wildlife that live here so i BELIEVE we should have a MASSIVE cull of that species.. that’s whats the problem here

        • bigben

          Why go religious how can you say what someone else would think you don’t know

          Humans do kill humans for endangering other humans

          You would vote to save that life of an animal then your Own? In that case I invite every single one of you preaches to do that and see how much the world won’t change….. o wait you won’t see

      • Louise

        Matt, it is absolutely, 100% unethical to cull sharks in response to attacks on humans.

  • The-truth-of-the-matter

    I personally believe there is a strong argument for both the eating of sharks and the eating of humans, they are both delicious.

  • John

    All of you shark saviors are hypocritical & myopic! What about all the cows, pigs, chickens etc. that are slaughtered daily to feed your salivating mouths? Do you complain about that?. No, so shut your mouths. A sharks life is no more important!

    • kat

      I am completely vegan before I start this comment for your information. But cows, pigs and chickens are bred specifically to be slaughtered for the meat industry. Sharks are not bred in such a way. Your argument is completely invalid.

    • Jason Green

      Ooh – big words – how about this one – simplistic… Or consequentialism… Cows and pigs are bred for food and are tasty – their removal does not have the impact that taking an apex predator does – it’s a non analogous straw man argument… If we were eating the sharks (large sharks are not safe to eat) you would have a tiny shred of credibility…. At least you didn’t cite Jesus as a reference like Matt ~ congrats.

    • Brooke Zanco

      Who are you to assume that people are not vegetarians? I know I am, as are a lot of people opposing the cause. Whether people are or are not however, is irrelevant. People like you are those who hinder positive change. If you truly believe in animal rights you don’t go around telling people they can’t stand up for one cause unless they stand up for another. Moreover, if you’re going to start talking about no animal’s life being more important than another’s, I absolutely agree with you! That’s why hundreds of sharks should not be killed to avoid a few human deaths.

      • bigben

        What if you don’t believe in animal rights?

        • Brooke Zanco

          Then I feel sad for you

    • Mary Delaney

      Didnt u read the educational post above about how those animals are bred in huge numbers whereas sharks are wildlife. YOU obviously are too arogent and ignorant to bother reading what other people say and just want to spout ur own views mary

    • alicemod

      John, the meat you are talking about is bred specifically for consumption.
      Not only are sharks not bred by humans but great whites are protected.

    • derp

      Key word “feed”. We don’t kill cows and drag them out to sea and dump them last time I checked

  • ganges

    Everything we choose to do involves a risk.. No matter what sport you take up, could end up killing you. Its a risk we take in order to enjoy our lives and to pursue our passions… If the risk of sharks is just too much for you to handle, than stay out of the water.

  • Bruce

    As a shark, I have always maintained that there is nothing wrong with eating humans, as long as one does so in moderation. Recently though, with all this talk about fat content in humans, I have vowed to only eat vegetarians. Better safe than sorry. Bruce

    • bigben

      Not a good idea Brucy veggies eat this weird shit that is supposed to taste and look like tasty food but it doesn’t full of artificial chemically made substance that quiet honestly if I was you I’d stick to real meat or fish………. ain’t gonna be king of the ocean without good protein

  • Duke

    Brilliant, thank you author!

  • coastal55

    Alot of people going off on tangents here. How about you focus on the topic that is: sharks are now being baited and killed off WA’s coast. This media hysteria is completely unwarranted given the number of Australian beaches already using identical shark prevention techniques. Given the number of fatalities on the East Coast in comparison with the West Coast, it is our right as human beings to manage and regulate our oceans where swimmers/surfers/bodyboards wish to enjoy their lives. An animal that has been around for millions of years, highly adaptable and moves vast distances in their lifetime – is not going to disappear off the face of the earth because WA’s government are now executing what many local authorities have been entitled to do so for 50 odd years already. It’s all too easy to jump on the bandwagon knowing very few actual facts. This pathetic argument people are putting forward about their overriding value of all god’s creatures is a load of crap.

    • stinkb0mb

      “It is our right as human beings to manage and regulate our oceans”


    • Brooke Zanco

      Sharks are top predators and are critical to keeping environments in balance. Aside from the fact that humans should simply care about other creatures, when large sharks are culled, numbers of rays and smaller fish species increase dramatically. Because these smaller species feed on commercially valuable fish, the economic impacts can be huge. Moreover, If endangered and legally protected species such as great white sharks are targeted Australia will be essentially going against its international commitment to protect sharks. There is no science proving that culls actually stop attacks. Finally, the fact that you think humans have the right to kill sharks so they can ‘enjoy their lives’ is genuinely retarded and I literally cannot even be bothered with that argument.

      • coastal55

        “Moreover, If endangered and legally protected species such as great
        white sharks are targeted Australia will be essentially going against
        its international commitment to protect sharks”

        Have you been to NSW lately? Better yet, have you been to QLD recently (where the majority of Australian drumlines are currently set) ? Do you have any idea about the number of attacks and deaths that have already been prevented on the east coast?

        Australia already has this system in place, your argument about the ecosytem balance has merit, but we are already over fishing certain fish species that is causing knock on effects to the entire eco system.

        Science is man’s best guess. The black & white records stating attack & fatality numbers between WA and NSW/QLD are a clear indication of proof that culls work – to an arguable extent.

        Show me numbers of GW populations in the WA area – all those figures are ‘estimates’.

        I dont think that humans should kill sharks to enjoy their lives, I think that humans should be entitled to improve the safety of coastal areas for water users, if that means controlling population numbers in certain animal territories as a means to reduce the number of attacks on humans (a decision that was made on the back of balanced arguments for and against) then this is necessary.

        • Brooke Zanco

          Hi, I grew up in QLD and i have witnessed various shark killings throughout my life, primarily in canals. It’s horrible. I don’t believe sharks should be killed anywhere in Australia, especially not to protect humans who choose to enter into their ecosystem. Yes, over fishing is an issue, but just because one issue exists doesn’t justify disregarding another. Have you ever done any research in regards to culling and its effectiveness? Simply because there are less attacks on the east coast than there are on the west coast is irrelevant, there are various factors that effect attack rates. Very often the act of culling does not work. Many scientists have expressed their concerns about the strategy of culling sharks. You can read a bit about it here: Even if the culling does reduce attacks, it wont counteract the ecological damages done. For the cull to be approved it literally had to be exempt from assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act because chances are it would not have been approved. Finally, and most importantly, I think it’s un-ethical, end of story. Humans are the most dangerous animals on the planet, we kill thousands of sharks every year…but because a handful of sharks attack humans…humans who have entered into their home, suddenly a mass killing is justified. How does that make sense?

    • Peachy

      As someone who wishes to enjoy MY life, can I manage and regulate you?

      • bigben

        Yeah Peachy you have a choice in how you want to live your life though there is law in place to stop you harming another human but this does happen is less law regulated countries

  • Shane Brown

    Begin the Bruce for Premier of Western Australia campaign. Sharks eat their own young, so they’d be a shoe in for membership in any major political party.

  • M

    To those of you below that are arguing about “we eat cow, chicken, other fish etc why are sharks special” yes, and while that is correct – excluding vegetarians of course – the difference here is that livestock are being specifically bred for meat production, and are in no way endangered or at risk of being wiped out. Fun fact – cows kill more people per year than sharks! Sharks on the other hand can take years to reach sexual maturity and often only produce one pup per year, most of which will not survive to adulthood. The sharks that are culled off WA’s coast are NOT being used for food either.

    The shark baiting lines do not only pose a risk to large ‘aggressive’ sharks, they can injure juveniles, not yet at sexual maturity, docile grey nurse sharks, dolphins, seals, whales and sea turtles. There are much more humane and educational ways to monitor large sharks such as tagging – In fact, research has shown that the use of bait lines can often draw sharks to the area. So little is understood about these majestic and ancient creatures, that have survived for centuries as the top apex predator. Wouldn’t it be better to use the money being wasted on baiting hooks and patrolling lines every day towards research?

    To the people below using the ‘Jesus said people are more important’ argument – can you explain why God would create Sharks in the first place if that was the case? Just for fun? Everything has a place in our ecosystem. If you remove the top apex predators there is no telling what repercussions will result from this. I have no idea how religion got brought in to the argument but I just figured I’d address that point to. Religion and politics seem to be justification for everything in people’s minds. I say believe what you want to believe, that’s fine, but don’t let your religion or political sway cloud your judgement regarding our beautiful earth and it’s oceans.

    While I understand that WA using baited lines is not the only cause of diminishing shark populations, we slander Japan for whale and dolphin killing, and other Asian communities for shark finning (which has already greatly decimated the populations of many shark species globally) so let’s set a positive example globally and take action against this barbaric cull.

    Everyone from scientists to commercial fisherman seem to be against this – why is the government allowing it to happen?

  • Space Cat

    The Australian Government never ceases to amaze me. To propose that the idea of shark culling is a good idea, shame shame shame. I couldn’t give a crap how insensitive this sounds (some shark attack survivers are ACTUALLY AGAINST THE CULL), but our great oceans are the sharks territory, they’re home. If you don’t want to be attacked, don’t go in. It’s a risk you take.

    And yes, I am a vegetarian, before all of you are quick to attack me on that.

    • Coolio

      The oceans clearly are not the sharks terrority if we are controlling their numbers, if sharks don’t want to be culled, don’t come to our area, it’s a risk they take. ;) No one cares if you are a vegetarian

  • Kat

    Sharks like eating fat things – hence the love of seal. Usually they don’t eat us because the fat to bone ratio is not high enough for them, so a higher proportion of fat on humans would actually move us down the food pyramid. And maybe it has.

  • alicemod

    Can I please raise the point that in Australia, the death penalty isn’t given for murder.
    Now I am of the position that the death penalty is wrong but how can we go around killing an animal because we’re worried it might hurt someone, when we think it’s wrong to kill a person who has killed another human being?

    • bigben

      Death penalty has nothing to do with this discussion law is in place for human society to live in order with other humans,

      • alicemod

        I’m not talking about the law, I’m talking about the morality of the subject.
        Do you think it is OK to kill a person who kills someone else? I certainly don’t, so why would be it OK to kill an animal that may hurt someone?

        • bigben

          Yes ….. yes I do if someone (human) has the ability and intention to kill another human for no defensive reason then that person is subject to being killed and so on and so forth

          Live in a country where these laws don’t exist and that is what happens SA for example

          • alicemod

            Big Ben, that’s not the world that we live in. And it shouldn’t be.
            Killing an animal, a human, for anything other than food (and even food at some points) is brutal and nothing deserves it.

            My point is that if we won’t subject humans to that treatment, why should we treat animals that way?

          • bigben

            1. Because we have a need to be at the top of the food chain feel empowered and know that we are protecting our family’s if there was a shark anywhere near where my kids was swimming the shark would be dead no 2nd thought about it
            2. Because we choose to im an alpha male I see a predator I will stand and fight
            3. Females don’t have this instinct they feel the need to comfort and protect but I have no doubt in saying that if any single person here felt that there life could be threatened or the lives of there friend and family there moral judgment will change
            4. These Cull’s are saving me the job so good on them……Thanks even feel that little bit safer

          • alicemod

            Please feel free to go out and kill all the sharks yourself. Go ahead. But by entering into the water, we are entering into their world. If we were meant to be in there, we’d have gills or blow holes.

            Your comments regarding female and male instincts are completely invalid. For one, you are saying that you are a predator so you will “stand and fight”. A predator is the attacker, ["In ecology, predation is a biological interaction where a predator (an organism that is hunting) feeds on its prey (the organism that is attacked)"] it is not there on the defensive. To stand and fight would be to protect.

            In addition, the instincts of a person are changed considerably by their life experiences so generalise like that is futile.

          • bigben

            Do jelly fish have gills and blow Holes?

            A predator will attack another predator alpha male 101

            All animals that attack for teratory

          • alicemod

            I understand that predators attack but you were saying is that you will stand and fight, which is different than attacking.

            And you’re right, jelly fish absorb oxygen through the water, something else humans are unable to do.

          • bigben

            Not at all I would stand my territory be it in land or sea I have that right

            Humans can breath under water by means of technology created by humans it may come to you as a bit of a shock but we can also fly without having wings crazy I know

            All reasons why we are at the top of that food chain

          • alicemod

            I really do think you’re missing the point.
            That it is morally wrong to kill something, especially if these beings may not
            actually kill anyone.

            The idea of killing something because it might hurt someone is ridiculous. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of all animals that might kill someone. Or all things. Peanuts, be gone!

            I do really love your comparison of breathing underwater to flying and how this
            relates to the conversation. While I’m aware of that fact that people can fly
            or breathe underwater – with man made aides, it does not mean that the oceans are ours to do with as we please.

            It’s not about being part of the food chain, (although your constant reference to that makes me worry about you feeling slightly inferior) it’s about being responsible.

          • bigben

            The point is I’d feel a lot better not having sharks that are know for attacking humans near the coast line where we swim these sharks are pests and should be dealt with accordingly not saying kill all sharks just the ones in our territory

          • alicemod

            The water isn’t our territory and sharks are not pests. Ants are pests! Sharks are creatures living in their natural habitat that is being disturbed by humans.

            Just because you would feel a lot better not having sharks there, does not mean that is the right, or most positive decision to make.

            If we killed all of the great white sharks that came near the shorelines it would have an enormously negative impact on the eco system.

            If there are less sharks, numbers of their prey increase. In turn numbers of their prey will decrease. This impact will have such serious repercussions.

            All because you want to protect a territory that isn’t yours.

          • bigben

            If I am there it is mine ! A shark doesn’t own the ocean 2:3 of the world are covered in water they can find somewhere else to swim

          • alicemod

            You sir, are an idiot.

            Find another bit of land to stand on.

          • bigben

            And you have no idea what your on about killing a few sharks won’t bring the world to an end

  • Brooke Zanco

    Ok, I am currently in Germany studying ecology and conservation biology, i’m concerned about environmental issues everywhere, I also worked for Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society, I know all about the problems you are talking about, i’m not ignorant, and I think they all hold equal value. I never said the east coast should be immune from scrutiny, I literally said what happens on the east coast is horrible. If you’re going to argue that Great Whites aren’t endangered, well then, humans aren’t endangered either? So why make efforts to protect them? All I wanted to say is that I do not agree with your opinion. I can’t be bothered arguing because there is no point, at the end of the day, I am not bothered about the tourism industry, I am more concerned about the environmental atrocities happening in Australia right now like shark culls, plans for the dredging of the Great Barrier Reef and the proposed removal of world heritage status for hectares of Tasmanian forests. Humans need to start realising that we are no more important than any other creature.

    • coastal55

      All I’m going to say is this:

      As long as the drum lines are part of & remain a planned & targeted system of reducing numbers in Metropolitan areas, then ethically & morally it should be acceptable.

      I lend myself to the group that set out to protect the environment GBR/Tassy forests etc, but there are always two sides to the argument.

      P.S If you worked for Greenpeace…then naturally your arguments will be heavily biased..

      Just saying.

      Good luck with your studies.

  • Richard Joughin

    I really don’t think science fiction helps the debate, lets leave jesus (and all those other made up characters the are the same but older) out of it

  • april page

    So refreshing to know that there are other people out there that understand that humans should not dominate the planet. It’s ok for a another human being to drink drive and kill someone. Do they get shot?? Or baited and left hanging off a 3metre fishing line with a hook in their mouths. No they get a slap on the wrist and set free!! Don’t people realise that the sharks are hungry because we are fishing the ocean dry of their food source?? How many attacks are close to the shore, what are the real statistics? If you choose to surf or dive a km or two off shore then it’s at your own risk. We are part of an Eco system, are people so ignorant that it is essential for other life forms to exist so we can exist?? Why can’t we have our say? This planet belongs to us all, why do greedy, power hungry morons get to decide what lives and dies? More people need to step up and be heard, it is a disgrace that this type of thing can go on in this day and age!!!!!

    • leroy

      April Page, this would have to be the dumbest comments I have seen added to the shark debate yet.
      No, drink drivers, murderers and child molesters do not get shot or killed

  • scarlet

    I think it is high time that humans realise the planet is to be “shared”.

    • bigben

      It’s is shared by a hierarchy which unfortunately for other animals we are at the top of

  • scarlet

    What is the punishment for a human who takes another human life? Do we shoot them?? No. Yet we do it to an animal that is simply trying to survive. Don’t people realise that sharks are hungry because we are depleting their food source? What is wrong with having air patrols at our popular swimming beaches?? Oh that’s right it costs money.

    • bigben

      Yes some places in the world we do shoot humans for killing humans I fail to see the point you are attempting to make

      • derp

        Do they kill as many humans as possible due to the actions of one or two killing others?

        • bigben

          No many humans are killed due to one persons actions I’m sure you will remember Hitler just to name one

  • scarlet

    Same as, some places in the world, you could get eaten by a shark!!!!

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