Qantas Choir Reduced To Just A Solo Vocalist

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The number of choristers employed by Qantas will be reduced to one it has been revealed.

Qantas confirmed that it was slashing the size of its famous choir following yesterday’s announcement of widespread job cuts at the Flying Kangaroo.

From the beginning of March the Qantas choir will consist of a solo vocalist named Farouk, aged 13.

The cuts will bring Qantas in line with other international carriers.

Business analyst Roger Syall said the move was well overdue.

“Etihad has a single tenor, while Emirates has employed a humble singer-songwriter duo for the past three years,” Syall told The Skewer.

“Frankly, Qantas’ expenditure on vocalists until now was almost fifty-times higher than the average of their competitors, which was quite clearly unsustainable.” Syall said.

The choir had to comprise of at least 51% Australian choristers under current legislation governing the national carrier. This is despite international choristers being almost 50% cheaper to employ when compared with local talent, a requirement that has hamstrung the airline’s choir division.

The remaining single vocalist will perform the full suite of Qantas anthems, most notably “I Still Call Australia Home”, a song that will be grammatically correct once more now it is to be sung by an individual.

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