Biennale Artists To Boycott The Colour Orange.

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Sydney Biennale artists are boycotting the colour Orange due to its close association with the Federal Government’s Operation Sovereign Borders policy.

The artists object to Orange’s links to the distinctive lifeboats used by the Government to tow back asylum seekers into Indonesia waters.

In a joint statement by 51 artists released to mark the start of the Biennale the artists said Orange ‘had made a clear decision to profit from the unethical treatment of asylum-seekers.”

“As a network of artists and performers we do not wish to be associated with Orange or its practices,” they said.

“It would be wrong to receive support from the colour orange when it is involved in an ethically indefensible breach of human rights.”

A spokesperson for Orange said that the colour had been involved with the Biennale since its inception and was disappointed by the boycott.

However, critics of the boycott say the artists should engage with the colour Orange and express their disappointment with the colour through the medium of the work they submit to the Biennale.

Other pundits believe the boycott doesn’t go far enough.

Visual artist Jüern Ultsag believes the boycott should be extended to include both Red and Yellow.

“Red and Yellow each have a 50% stake in Orange, they’re profiting from this travesty as well, where does the buck stop?” he said.

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