Conjoined Profile Pictures Separated in Marathon Photoshop Operation

Society By The Skewer

Photoshop experts in Melbourne have successfully separated the Facebook profile pictures of two local women, giving them a chance at a new life.

In a landmark 40 minute operation image editing specialists divided a picture into two distinct profile pictures for use on the social network Facebook.

The operation was deemed a success after the two women immediately uploaded their newly created profile pictures, each now devoid of the presence of the other.

Photoshop and social media experts said the operation was necessary to ensure the photo wasn’t wasted.

“The photo was never going to make it if the two remained joined together, no one likes someone else in their profile picture’ said specialist image-cropper John Gratton.

“We had to separate them to ensure two healthy profile pictures had a shot at life.”

At the time of writing one of the women had changed their profile picture to an image of a wicker basket full of felt.

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