Syrian Civil War Renewed For A Fourth Season

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The Syrian Civil War has been renewed for a fourth season despite a recent plunge in ratings.

The series opened to an audience of millions of viewers in March 2011 and quickly became one of the most watched dramas worldwide.

However its popularity has waned over the past two years due to competition from rival series such as The Ukraine Crisis, which critics have praised as having a more coherent narrative arc.

The first three series of Syrian Civil War have so far tested viewers with a labyrinthine plot revolving around a multitude of competing rebel groups and their plays to wrest control of the Middle Eastern country from an evil dictator.

Show-runners say they have a number of surprises in store for season four but were coy about whether the ultimate fate of Bashar Al Assad and the Free Syria Army would finally be revealed.

“It’ll definitely be the continuing humanitarian disaster that first captivated viewers, but with an added dose of tragedy and unnecessary suffering,” said writer Fahd Jassem al-Freij

Season four of the Syrian Civil War will be screened on satellite news stations and during ABC news bulletins from January 2015.

The popular spin-off series ISIL: IRAQ is currently showing in prime time and on twitter.

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