Diggers Sent To Middle East Without Bulletproof Mission Statement

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Defence procurement is again under attack following revelations that our Diggers are to be sent to the Middle East without a bulletproof mission statement.

Defence analyst Mark Shruteman said there are fears that the Government and the Australian Defence Force were equipping soldiers with a modified version of the faulty mission statement used in the previous Iraq conflict.

“This mission statement has been shown to have a number of weak points and a few gaping holes that can allow attacks through,” Mr Shruteman said.

There are also fears about the mission statement’s longevity as Tony Abbott prepares to deploy 500 ADF personnel to fight so-called Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq.

“Last time this mission statement was used it was shown to be completely faulty after just a few months and had to be replaced altogether,” Mr Shruteman said.

Analysts suggest that Australia should seek to create its own bulletproof mission statements rather than import cheap pre-assembled imports from the United States.

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