Government To Stop Answering Questions Altogether.

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The Government has confirmed that it plans to cease answering questions altogether in a radical escalation of the QandA boycott.

A number of Government ministers have expressed concerns that questions were being used as a front to openly criticise and interrogate the virtues of its recent policy announcements.

The Prime Minister was scathing in his assessment of the role questions were playing in the arena of Australian public discourse.

“Who’s side are questions on?” Prime Minister Tony Abbott asked reporters in Canberra today.

“Frankly, it is clear that people who ask questions of the Government don’t have what’s best for Team Australia at heart,” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott’s comments were reitereated by junior minister Steven Ciobo, a guest on last week’s QandA program.

“Take the citizenship debate for example. We try to do the right thing and protect battling Australians from evil death cults and people keep asking questions about human rights,” Mr Ciobo said today.

The Government has launched an urgent inquiry into the nature of questions and whether or not they have become too powerful in a modern democracy and should be scrapped altogether.

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